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Friday, 6 February 2015

'I'm a Celebrity.........'

This programme is supposed to be set in the African 'jungle'.

I haven't watched an episode, only what is shown in the trailers, and sometimes the last few minutes before the start of something else. I have no idea what the object of the programme is, if any. The 'jungle' looks more like the bush to me. The vegetation doesn't look right. All they seem to do is lay about on camp beds talking. I think they have to do some challenge-type things. Then they cook some food. For some reason, Marcia out of the Brady Bunch is there too!??

The camp looks like a studio set, but they do throw in the occasional shot of a monkey, which I think is from some doco. There are no jungle sounds to be heard in the background at all.

Oh, I stand corrected, we've just had a shot of a lion roaring, lol. Just its head, so it could be from the zoo. When you watch documentaries of jungles around the planet, night seems to be quite noisy - not silent. They just threw in the sound of an elephant trumpeting and I'm sure if it was as close as it sounds, they wouldn't just be sitting there chatting. Also a screeching monkey - again, just the sound.

As I said, I haven't watched an entire programme. Wild horses etc. I think it's shonky myself. I don't think they are anywhere near Africa. 

Friday, 2 January 2015


No, I haven't gone there!

I am surprised at the proliferation of the tattooed. Not so much the young people (it's part of their culture, and to be expected I suppose) but the older, and less firm-of-flesh. There are some awful tats out there.

I was sitting with my daughter at the coffee shop yesterday and there was a young woman about 18yo and she'd had a spread-winged eagle tattooed around the front of her neck. It did look very nice, but I don't think she'd considered what it will look like fifty years down the track when it's adorning wattles or a double chin. It's either going to look like a bird ready for taxidermy or an ostrich trying to fly.

I don't suppose it will matter though. Everybody and his dog will be tattooed.

I wonder if not the next generation but the generation after will look at all these tattooed old wrinklies (because by then they will be) and think, 'Now there's a lesson to be learned!'

Something else that gives me food for thought is all the nail-parlours that have sprung up around the place. When the first one opened, we thought they'd be struggling to pay the rent but now there are four or five in the shopping mall, and they all seem to be busy glueing gruesome talons onto people. There's even one opened at the tiny shopping centre around the corner and they are open seven days a week! My husband reckons it just proves how easy it is to part women from their money.

They are the second busiest businesses - the first being mobile phone palaces, where it seems that life will grind to a shuddering halt if phones aren't updated for the latest and greatest every six months. I still don't have one and count it as a blessing. There are other blessings I don't have. Credit cards and a microwave to name but two.


Well, the post Christmas sales are on for anybody desperate for stuff. Me, I'm staying away in droves! There's nothing money can buy that I'd fight or queue for.

I've been busy in the garden. I've enjoyed it this year. Things went to pot a few years back and I lost interest. That, and the soil was quite waterproof in places. I'd tried several different brands and types of soil wetter but nothing seemed to make a lot of difference. Then I got some Yates Soil Saturator which works like magic. The soil is much better than it used to be as it's had lots of organic stuff added to it, but it's still mostly sand.

We are only allowed to water three times a week during summer, so the soil being waterproof was a problem. We have a bore and use ground-water on the garden. If it was mains water we'd only be allowed to water twice a week and it gets so stinking hot in the summer that twice a week limits what you can grow - pretty much just natives.

I bought a lot of new plants and I've done lots of cuttings this year. One plant I bought said on the bottom of the label 'Propagation prohibited', so the first thing I did was take some cuttings off it! Half the fun of new plants is creating more. I took it to mean propagation for profit was prohibited, but I give them away. I do a maximum of about four of whatever takes my fancy. I don't have enough small pots to do more.

I've had this big fuchsia for about 20 years and it always
puts on a good show. The little one at the front is a new
addition. The little pots are full of cuttings.

I'm assured by my sister (who bought it) that that is
not a gnome, it's a 'garden child'.

Pots of Busy Lizzies. They always make an effort -
except for last year, when every plant we bought just
rotted. This year they are excellent and are not bothered
by pests of any sort.

The tree is a Metrosideros or NZ Christmas tree. It is
currently in flower and the patio is covered in spent

So far the weather has been OK. Not too hot, however, we are up for some high 30s over the next few days and even a 40C I believe. I won't be venturing out!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

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