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Monday, 25 February 2013

My Morning Exercise

I go for a walk five days a week at 8.00 am. I do two laps of the local shopping centre (4 km). Now, if you don't live in OZ, this may seem rather a strange thing to do - it may even seem like a strange thing to do if you do live in OZ. My reasons for this are as follows:

1. I can go at 8.00 am rather than 6.00 am. I don't like the sun and if I want to walk outdoors I have to have a really early start so that I'm back before it gets too hot. I've reached an age where I don't particularly want to leap out of bed and go pacing around the streets at the crack of dawn. I can mooch around in my nightie for a while and take my time. I still get up at 6.00 am because I like the early mornings, but I have a couple of cups of tea and a slice of toast before I start.

2. There are no flies in the shopping centre, so I don't have to walk along waving my arms about and cursing because bush flies are trying to climb up my nose. For those who live in other countries, if you've ever seen anything filmed outside in Australia in summer you will know what I mean.

3. I can incorporate a bit of food shopping at the end of my walk.

4. The shopping centre is air-conditioned so it's bearable even in the middle of summer.

5.  In winter I can walk without getting wet!

I am not alone in this pursuit. There are others who walk around the shopping centre. One group only walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I almost joined them but they seem to spend an awful lot of time waiting for the whole group to arrive, so I gave that a miss. I'm usually finishing my second lap by the time they get started. There are a couple of other women - trailed several paces behind by their husbands - who I see some mornings but not every morning.

There are regular shoppers who always hit the shops when the doors open.There is a frail old lady named Marie who is in a wheelchair pushed by her husband. We always have a bit of a chat. There are others who are regulars but not inclined to chat. Some are just 'Good morning' and-a-smile people. I quite enjoy my walks but if I want to do any shopping other than in the supermarket I have to leave a bit later as most of the stores don't open until 9.00 am.

Other than first thing in the morning I can't stand the shopping centre and give it a wide berth. Shopping of any kind is one of my least favourite things to do.


  1. Living dead opposite the supermarket means I probably shop there much more often - taking just one small canvas bag with me each time - if it doesn't fit in the bag it doesn't climb off the shelf.

    I hate other sorts of shopping - the crowds and the crap for sale. I make one trip every couple of months - after work so the shops are empty of all those people who make a shopping trip a hobby.

  2. Good for you Sue ! Walking in a mall makes good sense to me, too. Unfortunately for me, walking on mall floors is very hard on my feet. I've had both knees replaced but there isn't much they can do for my arthritic feet ... so walking in the nearest pool is the exercise for me. A friend and I hit the water at 6:45 am twice a week through the winter and in our own pools thru the summer.
    I would hate to fight of the bugs determined to climb up your nose ! We have periods in the spring and fall when mosquitos are anxious for our blood ! I don't like to share !

  3. Mall walking is very common- at least where I used to live in Memphis. A Mall we did work at actually let the walkers in one hour before opening every day so the walkers could get their workout in before shoppers got in the way. Believe me- we got in the way! I almost got run over several times....

  4. Jane, I thought you lived opposite the pub! :)

    Threadpainter the water sounds like a sensible thing to do. Fortunately, I don't have any problems with my joints.

    Ferrerman, last week it took 5 blokes the whole week to put a new shop front and sign on the pet shop! I couldn't believe how long it took and how many. There seemed to be a lot of standing around, looking, going on. LOL

  5. Sue - I do ... next door to the pub is an Iranian restaurant and next door to the restaurant is the supermarket


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