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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Idiotic Name Choices

It's about time for another look at the stupid names people are choosing to saddle their children with. I thought it might be a passing fad but, like tattoos, it looks as though they're here to stay! Some of these may be time honoured names if the parents are from another country, and I apologise for their inclusion if that is the case, but most of them come out of the Scrabble bag.

Here are some of the latest:

Cadence (F)-  In cycling, cadence is the number of revolutions of the crank per minute...
(seems appropriate!)

Cymbeline(F) - Apparently this is a Shakespearean boy's name meaning King of Britain.

Alabama (F) - We've had lots of other American state names, but this is the first time I've 
seen this one. I'm still waiting for Connecticut or Wisconsin to show up.

Trilby (F) - She'll obviously be into hats when she grows up.

Prisches (F) - Can't spell. I think it's pronounced precious. 

Ember (F) - Destined to be a hotty.

Summer-Hayze (F) - a.k.a. fog

Feniex - (M) I think they were aiming for Phoenix. Spelling standards in school have dropped   right off!

Remedy (F) - ????? A medicine or treatment for a disease or injury!  I wonder if they ever look up the meanings of the words they choose?

Neon (M) - Will be the light of their lives

El-Layna (F) - A different version of Elena?

Monsoon (F) - Windy and wet

Mira-Cle (F) - (There's an acute accent over the e, which I can't find on my 'puter) so it's pronounced Mira Clay. Reminds me Little Britain's testi-cle (again with the accent).

Coo-ee (F) - The Australian equivalent of yoo-hoo. Poor little sod.

Gigi L'Amour (F) - She'll have to go into films. The nice sort I hope.

Siesta (M) - He'll sleep a lot.

Trell (M) - This is only one step up from troll.

Custodia (F) - She'll be a control freak.

Odyn (M) - He'll think he's a god.

Phaeton (m) - A light, four wheeled open carriage.....????

Lyor (M) - Nobody will believe anything he says.

Ajax (M) - This will always be a cleaning product in my mind. Wonder what his siblings are called?

There are many more and a lot of them are normal names which people have felt the need to spell in weird and wonderful ways. I wonder if any of these kids will change their names when they become adults?

** All these names are taken from birth announcements in the local paper.

For more on this subject :


  1. Oh, give me strength! Poor little buggers will learn to fight in first grade and then spend the rest of their lives spelling their names to shop assistants.

  2. I don't think they'll need to fight, Cosmo. They all have stupid names. Proper names at school are in the minority these days, sad to say.

  3. Also in Germany we have these strange names coming up. Over here the gender of a baby has to be recognized when naming it. So the parents chose "Carola" instead of "Cola" when they named their baby "Pepsi-Carola". *argh*

  4. Aaagh, indeed! I thought it was just the English speaking who had gone mad! LOL

  5. Talk about spelling your name to teachers and shop assistants … I have been doing that for almost 60 years !!!!!
    I have a common name … Sharron (my aunt's middle name) … but my grandmother threw in another 'r' …. or maybe it was a spelling error way back when … but I am still spelling it !
    But I love the spelling and never wanted to change it !

  6. At least yours is a proper name Sharron, just with an extra letter :)

  7. Lordy- I'm with you on this subject! And what's wrong with spelling a name the correct way? ~:-) ( according to my way of spelling )
    Of course this is the kettle calling the pot black as my name is spelled Kathe not Kathy and I made the change.
    But back to your rant- the poor kids have to live with these names! Cheers!

    1. I wonder if any of them will choose something else when they get older? I think most of them are bloody awful. But then, I'm an old fart!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Good morning, Sue,

    and thanks for a most entertaining read to have with my breakfast (over here in Austria)! I read the other two posts too and really laughed out loud with some of the names.

    Having been a teacher for over 20 years I have encountered some strange names too but at least we don't have any "Upper Austria"s or "Carynthias" over here ;)

    But in Germany and Austria teachers have spotted at least behavioral issues being strongly connected to certain names. So there's the (inofficial but rather popular) saying: "Kevin is no name, but it is a symptom". And true it is... I had three Kevins during my career as a teacher and they were all .."special".

    I am well aware that "Kevin" isn't a special name over at your place but it still is in a land where you have a lot of Hanses, Franzes, Herberts and Gunthers ;)
    So I assume the Kevins with your place might be just as normal as our Peters and Pauls. But over here they really seem to have been alone at home far too often.

    And yes...referring to the actual post (from Feb. 25th)... I grew up NOT having that "green thing" but I can still remember it being "invented" and what a fuzz that was. Do you have colours on your garbage containers too to make it easier for analphabetics to separate their garbage (biological waste, plastic waste, "rest-waste", paper-waste)?

    Well - enough blah blah. I mainly wanted to say "thanks for the enjoyable read".
    Greetings from Vienna,

    Claudia x

    1. Hi Claudia, Glad you got a laugh out of it :)
      We only have two bins one for normal waste and one for recycling (that one has a yellow lid).
      I know what you mean about names depicting behaviour. When I was expecting my first child I rather liked the name Adam until I had to endure one while waiting for a bus. That changed my mind. I had a girl anyway and named her Emma.


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