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Monday, 17 February 2014

Soapbox Time Again!

Some time ago I wrote about Arnotts* Premium Crackers and how the holes in said crackers had increased in size. I stopped buying them at that time and changed over to Salada crackers. Now I have to stop buying those because, the last box I bought, the holes were much larger in those too!
Welcome to the new sized holes!
Quite a lot of cracker missing!
Crackers used to have pin-prick holes in them; now they are making the holes with knitting needles! I have found some Coles brand ones that still have pin holes in them so I will be buying those from now on.

This is what they should look like

This may seem like a petty whinge, but what irks me most is that all these manufacturers are treating their customers as though they are of sub-normal intelligence. Do they really think we don't know what they're up to?  Their primary concern is obviously the shareholder and not the customer.

I am not a shareholder in any concern nor am I ever likely to be. I don't have the money to gamble on shares and it pisses me off that the 'have nots' are being continually ripped off to keep the 'already haves' happy.

I wonder how long it will take them to work up to one big hole with a bit of cracker round the edge???

*Arnotts used to be an Australian owned company but was bought by Campbell Soups of USA who have made lots of changes to recipes etc. I rest my case.


  1. You can use it as one of the gauges to check your knitting needle size ... starting off as 2.25mm and now 5.5mm.

    I hear you though and it p***es me off too!

  2. LOL. Sorry, this is hilarious, but I get it. Ritz crackers have shrunk as well. The box is designed to look bigger, but inside... not the Ritz, but the Bowery.

  3. Oops, I always thought holes don't weigh anything. So in my opinion it would be best not to compare the size of the holes but the weight of the contents. Just buy those which have more weight for the same amount of money. Just my two cents...

    Have a nice weekend, Sue!

  4. You're right Alex, the holes don't weigh anything. It's just that when they all started giving us less for our money the recipe was altered so that the crackers were puffier (less in a packet) and then the holes became larger (again less cracker), and it's hard to find a company who is not doing it. The weight per packet became less and apart from that, the bigger holes make whatever you put on them squish through. The holes don't weight anything but the cracker they've displaced did. Small changes, but obviously there's more profit in it for the manufacturers or there would be no point in doing these things. We don't have a lot of brands to choose from either, Arnotts pretty much have the market sewn up here.
    You have a good one too Alex ;)

  5. OMG those holes are way too big for my opinion too!!! A little bigger and you can use them as stencils ;) I try to ignore them on the shelves anyways, because they are so salty for my taste...we customers have so much more power as we know, don´t we?! ♥ Conny
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