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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ladies Who Breakfast

On my morning walks on Tuesdays and Thursdays I exchange smiles and 'good mornings' with a couple of older ladies who have breakfast on those two days at the coffee shop. They are very smartly dressed and give me a little wave on my first circuit.

This morning only one of them was there and she beckoned me over and asked me if I would mind picking her a newspaper up from the newsagents and dropping it off as I passed in the other direction. I was quite happy to do that for her. She thanked me saying that she didn't want to lose her place.

I had a little smile to myself as I walked off. The place was practically empty, but these ladies always sit at the same table. However, one morning they had to move onto the next table as there was a usurper already sitting at the one they'd claimed as theirs! That day, on my second lap I saw the young woman getting up to leave and the two older ladies couldn't move their meals and drinks fast enough to get back where they belonged.

As it happened, this morning I had not been given enough money for the paper, so I didn't get one. I don't carry money when I go walking otherwise I would've just paid the extra 20c and got one anyway.

I took the money back and apologised for not getting one. Someone had given her a newspaper anyway, so it didn't matter. We got chatting and her name is Phyll (presumably short for Phyllis) and she was telling me how her family had lived in this district for generations. Along the esplanade there are lots of plaques set into the walkway commemorating local people and she told me she was related to most of them. It was quite an interesting chat.

I don't know where her friend was this morning.


  1. I love when people have their 'own' seats/tables ... like on a cruise (I have never been on one but I have heard) you get allocated a place and then spend the rest of the cruise trying to move - or having found the spot you like getting all twitchy when someone else dares to sit in your place.

  2. I remember when mum used to go to the Senior Citz to play bingo. There was a right kerfuffle if anyone sat in someone else's seat. I really dislike 'routine'. Everyday a surprise is much better.


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