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Thursday, 8 May 2014

At the Movies

Yesterday Rolf and I went to the movies to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, which we enjoyed.

While we were waiting for our theatre to open, another door opened and about twenty young mums with babies and toddlers emerged. I don't know if they were members of a club or something.

This morning I looked up the cinema's information and they have 'crying rooms' which accommodate up to seven people and are for families with small children so that they can still enjoy a movie without annoying other people. What a great idea!

Apparently when Rolf was a kid crying rooms were a feature of cinemas, but none of the other local cinemas seem to do this now.

Also, there was a rather strange looking individual pacing about the foyer and I thought to myself, 'I'll bet he sits near us' and he did. He did a lot of seat changing. First he sat in front of us then he got up and wandered about a bit before sitting behind us - which made me a bit uncomfortable. Then he left the theatre for about ten minutes and returned with a Coke and sat in front of us again. He engaged the older couple next to him in animated conversation but was quiet during the film.

There was a young couple who looked like they were on a date, but as soon as their bums hit the seat out came the bloody smart phones and they spent all their time before the movie started, texting. Never spoke to one another at all. I can see not only handwriting disappearing but the art of conversation too. It makes me wonder what they did before smart phones became the main focus of their lives. I wonder if someone will develop a 'mating' app???


  1. I worked on a couple of churches that had crying rooms but I can't say that that has caught on with any theaters here. Good idea though!

    A few months ago in Florida (naturally) a guy shot and killed a young father who was texting the babysitter before the show started. Sigh...

  2. What used to make me laugh last year, when I was going out with my Quiz Team friends, as soon as the quiz was over out came their mobile phones and they were busy updating their facebook profiles "Having a great time at the Quiz" *yawn*


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